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What is the Mid-Atlantic Power League (MAPL, pronounced "M-apple")?

The Mid-Atlantic Power League is a series of competitive events for elite junior girls' volleyball teams along the mid-Atlantic coast.  The purpose of the MAPL is to provide an opportunity for teams to play top competition without extensive and costly travel and missed days of school.


What divisions are supported by MAPL?

Every event has a BLACK division [16-18s], BLUE division [14-16s], and RED division [13-14s]. The age level overlap allows the strongest 14s and 16s teams in the field to play in the higher division. The number of 14s and 16s playing in the higher division is very limited and is determined by the MAPL Competition Committee.


How does my team participate in MAPL?

MAPL event acceptance criteria are based on competitiveness relative to the field [NOT first-come, first-served] as determined by the MAPL Competition Committee. The entry process requires three steps:

  1. Enter your teams in Advanced Event Systems once event registration is open.
  2. Pay the tournament entry fee [$575/team]. Checks are not cashed until team is officially accepted.
  3. Complete the MAPL SURVEY to let us know more about your team, their schedule, and competitiveness.

If you have questions direct them to the MAPL Competition Committee at


If I am a 16s team which division do I play in?

Based on how competitive your team is you can choose to enter in either BLACK or BLUE division. However, each 16s team will be initially accepted into the BLUE division pending seeding. The top seeded 16s teams will ultimately be placed in the BLACK division. It is likely that less than ten 16s teams total will be accepted into the BLACK division.

REMINDER: teams should register for the division they prefer. The MAPL Competition Committee will make final decisions on division placement of 16s and 14s teams.


What is the MAPL selection process?

The goal of the Mid-Atlantic Power League is to provide high level competition to teams along the eastern seaboard while minimizing cost and missed days of school.
With this goal in mind MAPL accepts teams considering the following:
  1. Historical performance of the club [qualifiers, inter-regional events, and national championship events] including previous MAPL participation.
  2. The team's competition schedule for the upcoming season.  Preference is given to teams competing nationally (qualifier, etc.) in the most competitive divisions.
  3. A team's commitment to play in multiple MAPL events may be a consideration for acceptance.
  4. For both seeding and acceptance considerations all teams should keep their results current in AES for entry consideration. the MAPL Competition Committee cannot be held responsible to consider results posted in other tournament management systems.


When will teams be selected?

Teams are accepted into the event on a rolling basis. The general schedule of acceptances is as follows:

  • Prior to the Christmas holiday break
    • All of MAPL Hampton field
    • Majority of the field for MAPL Raleigh & York
  • After MAPL Hampton
    • Final acceptances for MAPL Raleigh & York


Are MAPL events Stay-to-Play?

No! Each event is organized by a different tournament host. Each event organizer [see event webpage on left menu] has set aside room blocks at a discounted price for teams interested but teams may stay wherever they chose.


What time should we arrive the day of the tournament?

It depends on the wave your team plays in. The first wave starts at 8am


What is the general tournament format?

Each event may have subtle variations in flow and format, but MAPL events generally use 3-team pools. Teams can expect to play two rounds [4 matches] on Saturday. Teams are guaranteed at least two matches on Sunday which will include bracket play. Event flow will be available on AES once the pool/schedule is posted.

When possible, MAPLs that fall on an SAT/ACT date may make slight modifications in format to accommodate athletes taking the SAT.

Minimum match guarantee: 6


Where does the team check-in on tournament day?

The team will check-in at the venue the morning of the event. Some tournaments allow event check in the night prior.


What documents do you need to bring to the tournament?

Your team's roster must be current in AES. At check in you will need to sign an official roster. Coaches must maintain their medical waivers or liability with them throughout the event.


When will the events seeding be posted on the Web?

Seeding will be released early in the week prior to the event.


How do I cancel my team's registration?

You will need to contact the competition committee at Note that if your team has already been accepted we do not guarantee a refund of entry fee.